Cold Pressed Coconut Oil


Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

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Sourced from the finest coconuts, our coconut oil is a versatile and natural solution that has been cherished for centuries. From culinary delights to beauty rituals, this multi-purpose oil is a must-have in every household.


Benefits of coconut oil 

  • Powerhouse of nutritions 
  • Contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats 
  • Increases good cholesterol
  • Excellent for hair and skin
  • Can be beneficial for mental health  


  • Baking and Cooking: Coconut oil’s great taste and high smoke point make it a popular choice. It can be used in place of other cooking oils or fats to provide a mild coconut flavor.
  •  Natural Skin Moisturizer: Virgin coconut oil is a popular moisturizer. It moisturizes and softens skin with its emollient qualities. It helps maintain moisture and enhance skin texture when applied topically to the face, body, and lips.
  •  Hair Care: Virgin coconut oil is typically used to moisturize and condition hair. It can be used as a leave-in conditioner or pre-shampoo treatment to minimize frizz, hydrate the scalp, and add shine.
  •  Massage oil: Virgin coconut oil is popular for its silky texture and hydrating characteristics. It lubricates the skin for a soothing massage.


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